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The Participation to the XXXV Nosside World Poetry Prize (below “Competition”) requires the full and unconditional acceptance of these Official Rules.

The competition is organized by Centro Studi Bosio (below “Organizing Committee”), Reggio Calabria, Italy. For further information, please visit or email to


Nosside World Poetry Prize is the only global poetry, multilingual and multimedia,  competition with an  unpublished poetry never awarded (in any other literary competitions).  It is open to all the languages in the world and to all the forms of poetic expression: written poetry, video (poetry video-clip) or musical poetry (song).

  • By “unpublished” written poetry, we mean that your work will have never been issued for publishing until the conclusion of the Nosside World Poetry Prize nor printed (in Personal or Collective Anthology, Magazines, Newspapers, printed by oneself) or else never been published or distributed on any internet sites ( online magazines, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Yahoovideo, Googlevideo, etc..)
  • By “unpublished” song we mean that your work will have never been published by any recording company , or unreleased on websites , or else never been broadcast in any radio or television program, nor posted on any Blog including personal blogs, websites, Facebook or Twitter   or distributed through Youtube, GoogleVideo, or YahooVideo etc.
  • By “unpublished” video poetry we mean that your work will have never been published by any Publisher , nor has it ever been broadcast in any radio or television program, nor posted on any Blog including personal blogs, websites, Facebook or Twitter   or distributed through Youtube, GoogleVideo, or YahooVideo etc.
  • We mean by “not awarded in other contests or other literary competition that the poems (written, video or in music) which don’t comply with this condition until the actual publication of the final decision of the International Jury of the XXXV Nosside World Poetry Prize announcement on the official Nosside website ( ) , by October 15 th , 2020. Moreover, simultaneous submission for entry into other competitions of the writing sent to the XXXV Nosside Prize competition is forbidden;
  • In case of plagiarism of which an award-winning poet has been guilty, the decision to validate or invalidate the case will be referred to a Board of external experts appointed by the Organizing Committee

    Violation of any of the above rules until the actual publication of the announcement on the official Nosside website ( ) of the final judgement of the International Jury of the XXXV Nosside World Poetry Prize will result in automatic disqualification of the contestant from the provisional list of winners of the XXXV Nosside Prize.



The competition is open to citizens from all the countries of the world and to people of all ages (as long as they turned 14 by 2019). Absolute Winners of previous editions of the Prize are not eligible to participate in this Contest. Special Mention winners are allowed to participate after one year interval. The other winners are free to participate in the year following the recognition that they obtained.

2.2.   WORKS

In order to be eligible and to be admitted into the competition you must comply with the following requirements:

  • be original (not plagiarized); be written:

           a) in one of the five official languages of the Prize  (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English and French);

           b) or, in any other language of the world: Official National Language (eg.. Russian, German, Japanese,  Chinese, Arabic, Swedish, etc.); original language of native people (ex. Quechua, Guarani, Tagalong or any other native language from any continent); or in any minority language or regional idiom; or dialect.

           In the b) case (poetry in any other language): The text must be presented in the original mother-tongue and it must be  accompanied by a translated version in one of the five official languages of the Prize

(eg. a poet from Malta, whose poem is in Maltese language, must submit the original version together with a translation in Italian or English, French, Spanish or Portuguese; a poet, whose composition is in Quechua language, must provide a translated version in Italian or in English or in French or in Spanish or in Portuguese - to be sent together with the original).



The participation  - with a single poetry - may be submitted for consideration in one or more than one of the following poetic expression:

  • Written Poetry: one poem , on any subject, counting from 3 verses to 30 verses at most;
  • Poetry in music ( one author’s song ). For the creation of the song, counting from 3 verses to 30 verses at most, lasting not more than 4 minutes. The author can be assisted by a singer or a musician or musicians;
  • Video Poetry or computer graphics: one poetry video-clip, 4 minutes-long maximum , credits and end titles excepted. To create the video-clip, the author of the text composition can be assisted by a director and/or other technical assistants.

     The Donation for the participation can  be done after sending the Registration Form and the work with which the poet participates*. 

  • Group A (for the countries of this group see Appendix and Application Form)               20 €uro
  • Group B  (poets from all other countries), or those writing in original languages

           of native people or ethno-linguistic minorities ):                                                          10 €uro

The payment of the Donation can be made through one of the options indicated in the Application Form  (downloadable from the website of the Prize into the 5 official languages).


The payment of Donation can be made by the contestant him/herself directly or by another person (a member of the family or a friend, not necessarily residing in the same country of the participant), a Foundation, Club, Association, Private Company, Syndicate, Union, University, School or any other Institution.

If any competitor could face objective difficulties in paying the Donation, he/she can communicate them to the President of the Prize to look for and find a solution.


  All entries must be submittedonly on Internet email starting from May 10th 2020 and no later than June 30 th ,  2020 .   In order to apply, please send to the following files attached:

    1. Application Form in Microsoft Word. doc format (available on the website of the Prize ) - all the required fields must be filled in;
    2. Biographical note / Artistic CV (not compulsory fields);
    3. Poem / composition:
  • For the Written Poetry : a Microsoft Word/.doc file containing the text of the composition (on any subject, counting from 3 verses  to 30 verses at most), in one of the five official languages of the Prize or in any other language accompanied by a translated version  in one of the five official languages of the Prize;
  • For the Musical Poetry (song): a Microsoft Word/.doc format file containing the text of the composition (on any subject, from a minimum of 3 verses to a maximum of 30 verses) in one of the five official languages of the Prize or in any other language of the world accompanied by the translation into one of the five official languages; the song in an MP3 format file;
  • For the Video Poetry: a Microsoft Word format file containing the text of the composition (on any subject, counting from 3 verses  to 30 verses at most) and a Video Clip in MP4 format or in a Windows Media Player format file in two copies (first version of video-clip must be provided with credits and end titles and the other one - for the Jury - containing just the title without the name of the author or other assistants). Videos in other languages, idioms or dialects must have subtitles in Italian or in one or more among other 4 official languages of the Prize.
  • ONLY the VIDEO POETRY participants can send their video composition by DROPBOX of the video-clip in two copies . All the other documentation (application form, biography or artistic curriculum, text of the composition) must be submitted by email.



An International Panel of Judges will be nominated after the application deadline and it will be composed of Internal and External Members. It will complete its works by September 30 th , 2020 and be dissolved after the last meeting. Only the President and the Internal Members of the Panel shall remain in charge until the Awards Ceremony.


After the application deadline, the Prize Secretariat will send to the Jury the competing  works  with the authors marked only by a number (ex. Contestant n. 27, or  n. 146 - NossideVideo or  n. 232 – Nosside Music).

The Jury will appoint a Rose of FINALISTS (including - possibly but not necessarily - at least one for each of the Three Sectors of the Prize). The Jury will appoint Extraordinary Mentions,  Particular Mentions and Mentions.

Among the FINALISTS, the President of the Prize will appoint the ABSOLUTE WINNER.

The other FINALISTS not awarded Absolute Winners will be rewarded as SPECIAL MENTIONED.

The works that will receive awards at various levels (From the Special Mentioned to the Mentions) will all be considered at par and they will then be listed in the alphabetical order of the surnames of the winners. This means that there will be no List within each level of the Winners neither among the works excluded by different levels of awards. The Authors of the no awarded works shall not  be published .


In order to guarantee further transparency and impartiality, the Organizing Committee of the Prize – in order to prevent violations of the present set of rules - will check twice directly

a) before the Final meeting of the Jury; b) after the Final Meeting of the Jury .

Any violation of the present Rules  by any contestant will lead to his/her exclusion from the winners list .

The President of the Prize and the President of the Jury, after having examined the possible violations and taken the consequent decisions, will announce the ultimate list of the winners and will publish it on the Prize Official Website.

From the moment when the final results are posted on the Nosside  website - - the decision of the Jury  will become final, unchangeable and can’t be appealed .


-  THE ABSOLUTE WINNER will be entitled to: 1.200 €uro; the precious Goldsmith Master Gerardo Sacco’s handmade silver reworked version of Nosside logo by Umberto Boccioni; a Certificate;

-   All those who will get a SPECIAL MENTION will be entitled to 400 €uro;  the Nosside Plaque, a Certificate

-  All those who will get one of the HONORABLE MENTIONS will be entitled to: the Nosside Medal, a Certificate; - 

All those who will get one of the MENTIONS will be given a Certificate.

All the awarded works will be published in the printed Anthology and in the e-book Anthology "Nosside 2020".


The Anthology will be published all the awarded poems, both in a printed and e-book version,   in the 5 official languages  (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English and French), as well as in other languages used by the awarded participants. The winning videos and the winning songs - possibly, because of a video version by the same author – will be incorporated and officially released on the Nosside youtube Channel "PremioMondialNosside". The poems of all awarded poets will be edited in the e-book version of the Anthology.

    The publishing of the compositions into the Anthology and in the Nosside Prize Youtube Channel, as well as on websites and other means of communications, by the Organizing Committee, will not give any remuneration or rights to the authors.


Given the worldwide crisis caused by the spread of Coronavirus - for which there is no certainty both to the duration and restrictions - for the first time in our long history the Organizing Committee of the Nosside reserves the right to communicate in the next month of October, after the International Jury's decisions, the conditions and the organization of the final prize-giving phase. Only at that time, we can evaluate, in the best interests of everyone's health (organizers and participants), and decide whether to opt for Hypothesis A (the Award Ceremony that we have always carried out) or Hypothesis B, an alternative to the first.

HYPOTHESIS A: The Final Awarding Event of the XXXV Nosside Prize will take place in Reggio Calabria on Friday 27 th   November 2020 at 5.00 pm in the National Archaeological Museum, Casa dei Bronzi di Riace.

The Awards must be collected by the authors personally on the Awarding day. Absence on the day will result in the loss of the monetary award. This clause will be applied entirely towards the Absolute Winner . So each one must personally attend the Ceremony, or  they may risk to lose the entire amount of money .

Only in exceptional circumstances, the Organizing Committee will  take into consideration the possibility of awarding major prizes to those who are absent on the day of the Awarding Event. The money will be reduced into the following pre-established amounts: 200 Euros for the Special Mention.

Prizes which are not directly collected during the Awarding Ceremony (Plaque and the reduced amount of money: 200 Euros for the Special Mention) and the other awards (Medals and Certificates) -  can be recovered in the following ways:

    a) collected personally by the participating authors at one of the “Promotional Events for XXXV Nosside in the World”, from February 2020 to June 2020;

    b) the amounts divided into the prize monies ( 200 Euros for the Special Mention) with a bank transfer to a bank account designated by the author; other Creditations will be sent to the address supplied by the author.

    The Imagines of the Plaques, the Medals and Certificates will be sent by Attachment in JPG via e-mail. The Printed Anthology and the Anthology in e-book can also be purchased by Internet.

HYPOTHESIS B: The Award Ceremony will take place in digital form. It will include: remote connections with the winners; sending the money by bank transfer; the shipment of Plaques or Medals and Copies of the Anthology (1 free copy + copies booked at a discounted price by the poet); sending by e-mail of the jpg images of the Certificates. The technical details will be sent to the winners in the second decade of October in the event that we decide to opt for this alternative hypothesis.



The submitted compositions will not be given back.

Every contestant , by applying for participation  in the XXXV Nosside Prize, binds his/herself by a releasing act of copyright for the publication of his/her works in the Nosside Anthology, on the Nosside Official Website or any other publication edited by the Organizing Committee . The authors preserve their copyrights for any other , individual or collective publication.


By participating in the contest, the contestant agrees:

1) to receive emails from the Organizing Committee of the Prize;

2) with the use of his/her personal data  (biographical information, Name, Surname, Place of Birth, photographs etc.) in connection with the Nosside World Poetry Prize.

3) with the use of his/her personal data in advertising related to the Contest without compensation and prior notification.