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06 May

The reasons of the Nosside Project and its world strategy

Nosside World Poetry Prize, a multilingual and multimedia award, is the only  global poetry contest for an unpublished work, without limits of language or forms of expression and communication. The Prize is part of the Unesco World Poetry Directory .


  • is a global project, founded in 1983 and dedicated to the poetess Nosside from Locri who lived in the III century a.D., it has a logo inspired to a futurist master: Umberto Boccioni from Reggio Calabria. This effigy is inspired to the ancient Greek world and in addition it is enriched by a precious silver creation by the famous goldsmith master Gerardo Sacco from Crotone wich is given to the Overall Winners;
  •  it is the result of a cultural strategy founding itself on dual identities:
  •  the multilingualism, with five official languages (Italian, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese) and openess towards  all the other languages in the world considering them equal, giving them the same dignity not distinguishing the national  from the native  or minority languages or even from dialects;
  • the multimediality, giving the chance to the poetic imaginary to use among different forms of expression. It represents the ancient magic of the word in  Written Poetry, the charme of  image in the video and computer graphic shown in the Video Poetry, the appeal of music playing along with words in the Music Poetry (song).

    The continuous growth of participants (in 37 Editions from 104 Countries in more than 150 languages) is a proof of its successful strategy:

  • it is also because of the transparent method used for the selection of winners (the Jury receives all the participants’ works labeled with numbers and letters) which guarantees an equal treatment for all poets without any discrimination of state, continent, language, race or religion;
  • it is the result of a very intense teamwork building on the project as if it was a permanent lab. The soul of this lab is the Centro Studi Bosio in Reggio Calabria (one of the Italian partners of the UNESCO Global Alliance for cultural diversity). It spreaded over the years becoming incresingly a cosmopolitan organization, with delegates and members worldwide, with the Absolute Winners being appointed Ambassadors of Nosside and with all the members of the International Jury.

The Nosside Prize is based exclusively on the total gratuity of the commitment of managers and collaborators and members of the jury, upon self-funding centered on Private Donations from individuals, associations and companies, and on Fund Raising initiatives. A formidable challenge, considering the global size of the project.

The Nosside Project has kept flying the flag of the preservation of language diversity , showing with its coherence, the continuous and wider diffusion worldwide of an equal encounter between different languages and showing how much the most popular languages owe even to the smallest and more conceptual ones.

The Nosside Poetry Prize has also given a lot of relevance to the most popular languages. It has been established to use them in order to permit to the native people’s languages as well as to minority ones and dialects to step out of the ghetto and let the rest of the world enjoy the treasures of culture and communication represented by their expression.

The Nosside Prize has contributed to globalize the world in an alternative way, pointing out the variety of languages instead of the unification of all idioms into one. A positive globalization that wants to underline and safeguard language diversity on our planet before it vanishes.

Pasquale Amato

Founding President of the Nosside World Poetry Prize
Historian, Professor of European Contemporary History
at University for Foreigners “Dante Alighieri” in Reggio Calabria (Italy)