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07 Nov
Pasquale Amato _ Nosside Prize _ Views: 1571

Letter to the Nosside Awarded

Letter to the Nosside Awarded

Estimated Poetesses, Eminent Poets,
Acknowledging you all again for participating, we communicate the decisions of the International Judging Panel of the XXXVII Nosside World Poetry Prize 2022, after the period dedicated to notifications relative to the works which don’t comply with the Art.1 of the Rules and Regulations of the Prize and the relative modifications done to the List of Awarded.
Such results must be considered definitive and irrevocable. They are published on the Facebook Page of the Prize and on this website at this page.

We ratify that the Nósside is a Contest open to a poem, unreleased and never-awarded in other contests. This is the individual poem which competes and can be appreciated or not by the Judging Panel. Consequently, the assessment done by the Judging Panel doesn’t stand for a global judgement – positive or negative – on the author.

We include the Article I of the Rules referring to the . The Final Ceremony will occur in Reggio Calabria on november (25th) at 5:00pm. The logistic elements and the Programm of the Final Event will be communicated successively to the people concerned.

Prof. Giuseppe Amoroso Prof. Pasquale Amato
Presidente del Jurado 2022 Presidente del Premio Nósside